Serving Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and surrounding counties

Propane-powered Forklifts

If you own a business in the Greater Baltimore area that uses propane for day-to-day operation, rely on Airgas, an Air Liquide company, for your supply. We specialize in the safe, quick, and affordable delivery of propane for your most important equipment, including propane-powered forklifts.

Why Use Propane for Your Forklift?

  • When delivered, used, and stored properly, propane is an extremely clean and safe fuel to use for a wide range of commercial machinery.
  • Refueling a propane forklift is quick, especially when compared to electric forklifts or natural gas forklifts.
  • Propane cylinders needed to operate your equipment are easy to purchase and transport, especially when you work with a local, dependable fuel provider!

Airgas has You Covered

At Airgas, we serve all sizes of companies and propane-fueled equipment. We make it easy for you to purchase or rent propane cylinder cages for your forklifts and other business equipment. Simply contact us by using the form on this page to request fuel or to learn more about what we offer.